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The return value MUST be a setuptools.version.ScmVersion instance created by the function setuptools_scm.version:meta. setuptools_scm.files_command. Either a string containing a shell command that prints all SCM managed files in its current working directory or a callable, that given a pathname will return that list. python -m pip install SomePackage 次のページが参考になります。 Python モジュールのインストール; 注:ここでは setuptools を紹介してますが、現在 setuptools は更新がストップしています。代わりに distribute というパッケージが開発されていて、それが setuptools の. Building and Distributing Packages with Setuptools ¶ Setuptools is a collection of enhancements to the Python distutils that allow developers to more easily build and distribute Python packages, especially ones that have dependencies on other packages. Welcome to Setuptools’ documentation!¶ Setuptools is a fully-featured, actively-maintained, and stable library designed to facilitate packaging Python projects, where packaging includes. 26/03/2016 · 使用这种方式,用户只需要下载 ez_setup.py 并运行,就可以自动下载和安装适合用户当前 Python 版本的适当的 setuptools egg 文件当然,用户需要 Python 2.3.5 以上的版本,64 位操作系统的用户则需要 Python 2.4 以上的版本。此外,这段脚本还会将可执行的 easy_install 脚本.

Setuptools vous permet de télécharger et d’installer n’importe quel logiciel conforme à Python via un réseau généralement Internet avec une seule commande easy_install. Il vous permet aussi d’ajouter cette capacité d’installation par le réseau à votre propre logiciel Python avec très peu de travail. Jython Mailing Lists Brought to you by: bckfnn, bwarsaw, bzimmer, cgroves, and 4 others. 19/11/2012 · In this video, I'm going to show you how to install easy_install, which makes it easier to download and install Python packages. I will also show how to run and install a package. Download. Python and OS Compatibility¶ pip works with CPython versions 2.7, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 and also PyPy. This means pip works on the latest patch version of each of these minor versions. Previous patch versions are supported on a best effort approach. pip works on Unix/Linux, macOS, and Windows. the Python Package Index。だれでも Python のパッケージが登録できるのサイト。 easy_install とか pip は基本的にここからパッケージを探してきてインストールしてくれる。 Python Eggs. setuptools で定義された Python の配布形式。 Python のコードやメタ情報その他.

The apt package seems to be 12.2 If I run sudo pip install -U setuptools the version seems to still be stuck at 12.2 $ python >>> import pkg_resources >>> r = pkg_resources.re. 20/08/2017 · cd setuptools-19.6.tar.gz python3 setup.py build python3 setup.py install. 到这里如果你还没有报错的话,说明setuptools已经安装成功了,但是在这里我遇到了一个坑,当我执行python3 setup.py install时出现了错误,报错信息如下: Compression requires the missing zlib module.

  1. See the Installation Instructions in the Python Packaging User’s Guide for instructions on installing, upgrading, and uninstalling Setuptools. Questions and comments should be directed to the distutils-sig mailing list. Bug reports and especially tested patches may be submitted directly to the bug tracker.
  2. Browse other questions tagged python jython windows-7-x64 setuptools or ask your own question. Blog This Week StackOverflowKnows About Infinity, Internet-Speak, and Password.
  3. If you installed Python from source, with an installer from, or via Homebrew you should already have pip. If you’re on Linux and installed using your OS package manager, you may have to install pip separately, see Installing pip/setuptools/wheel with Linux Package Managers.
  4. Install python-setuptools. Installing python-setuptools package on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus is as easy as running the following command on terminal: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install python-setuptools python-setuptools package information.

03/11/2016 · 在Python中,安装第三方模块,是通过setuptools这个工具完成的。Python有两个封装了setuptools的包管理工具:easy_install和pip。目前官方推荐使用pip。Linu. 博文 来自: zhaoyangjian724的专栏. 20/09/2018 · Hi, I have Python 3.4, with setuptools 18.3 on workstation without Internet access. I am going to install module Crypto but it neeeds version setuptools 18.5 or newer.

Python EasyInstall. easy_install is a package manager for the Python programming language that provides a standard format for distributing Python programs and libraries based on the Python Eggs wrapper. easy_install is a module bundled with setuptools, a third-party library meant to enhance the Python standard library's distutils. Django Git iOS Autolayout iOS Event Lambda List NSURLSession Objective-C Performance Tuning POP3 Python Encryption Python IO Python Json Python Time Regular Expression Selenium SMTP SQLite SSL Swift Swift Closures Test. The distutils package provides support for building and installing additional modules into a Python installation. The new modules may be either 100%-pure Python, or may be extension modules written in C, or may be collections of Python packages which include modules coded in both Python and C. 15/05/2018 · See the Installation Instructions in the Python Packaging User's Guide for instructions on installing, upgrading, and uninstalling Setuptools. Questions and comments should be directed to the distutils-sig mailing list. Bug reports and especially tested. Python pip has replaced EasyInstall. EasyInstall is a package manager for Python that provides a standard format for distributing Python programs and libraries based on the Python Eggs format. EasyInstall is a module bundled with Setuptools. It is analogous to RubyGems for Ruby. EasyInstall is not a fully fledged package manager. It cannot.

Installing pip/setuptools/wheel with Linux Package.

07/06/2014 · This is a tutorial that will in ~5 minutes teach you how to install Python, Setuptools, Pip and Virtualenv on Windows no matter which version you use. Excuse my English, I'm a Swede. easy_install とは、setuptoolsで提供されるPythonモジュールのパッケージ管理システムです。easy_installの後継のpipを利用しましょう。 読み方. easy_install いーじーいんすとーる.

  1. Installing setuptools and easy install¶ To install setuptools visit pypi./pypi/setuptools and follow the instructions for your operating system. Also, check out peak./DevCenter/EasyInstall for more instructions on how to install setup tools. Currently as of November, 2009, setuptools is pretty easy to install for Python version 2.3 through.
  2. Installing pip/setuptools/wheel with Linux Package Managers¶ Page Status. Incomplete. Last Reviewed. 2015-09-17. This section covers how to install pip, setuptools, and wheel using Linux package managers. If you’re using a Python that was downloaded from, then this.

setuptools-scm · PyPI.

setuptools includes Jython trunk support as of version 0.6c8! Setuptools trunk and its 0.6 branch have had a couple of changes discussed here on distutils-sig made to fix incompatibilities with Jython. Even as of these changes, there are a couple improvements that can be made to running setuptools on Jython. Die Setuptools 🇬🇧 sind eine Sammlung von Hilfsprogrammen für Python, mit deren Hilfe man leicht Python-Module bauen und installieren kann. Auch wenn die Setuptools nach wie vor funktionieren und unterstützt werden, ist pip der gängigere Weg zur Installation von Python-Modulen, das auch seit Python 3.4 Teil der Standardinstallation von Python ist. Python Setuptools 升级(Upgrade) 安装命令 python setup.py install 更新命令. pip install –upgrade setuptools. 打包 :pyinstaller -F Domain.py. 打包的console提示: 见随后的引述块. 打包发布exe时的纪律注意事项: 很简单的py脚本. Simple is better than complex. 应该遵守Python的规则.

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